The Unofficial Chronicles of John Grissom


The Napoleonic War rages, King George III is mad, and a dark secret society looks to take advantage.

John Grissom’s enhanced vampiric hearing leads him to investigate the oldest and most powerful order of vampires in England. His investigation takes him from London to Brighton and back again, from a vampire proof dungeon to a glittering masked assembly.

What he discovers could turn the tide of war in Napoleon’s favor. He hopes to succeed in preventing it, but he’ll be powerless to do anything if a blood-crazed madness takes him first.

A historical thriller perfect for fans of Oliver Potzsch’s The Hangman’s Daughter and Louis Bayard’s The Black Tower.

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It’s not everyday that someone attempts to murder the Foreign Secretary on the floor of parliament. 

Vampire turned Runner, John Grissom, is a founding member of Bow Street’s new clandestine investigative division, Odd Crimes. He finds himself witnessing an assassination attempt on the Foreign Secretary. And then discovers London’s most notorious purveyor of stolen goods at the bottom of it.

Being a vampire certainly helps in his new investigative position, but the elusive fence and the Egyptian elixir may prove his undoing. Join Grissom and his fellow Odd Crimes Runners as they unravel a continent spanning conspiracy that could result in the enslavement of England to Napoleon if they don’t prevail.

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