Goodreads for the win!

I had the pleasure of receiving a glowing review from a winner of the Goodreads giveaway I did not so long ago. Thank you, Goodreads. Once again, you've proven yourself an underutilized and underappreciated tool for authors. I stand corrected. It's doesn't get any better for an author than to know that some person, entirely unknown … Continue reading Goodreads for the win!

The Human Soul in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Hard science. Soft science. Speculative fic. Steampunk fic. Fantasy. Cyberpunk fic. There are more than enough genres to go around when it comes to fiction that starts imagining new worlds. But a common thread runs through them all. Humanity. Even in the event that aliens are involved, or dragons, or zombies, there is nevertheless a … Continue reading The Human Soul in Science Fiction and Fantasy