Omigosh y’all, IT’S HERE!

Excuse the belated posting, but The Ogress' Son is finally available for purchase. If you'd like to do a review, you can bypass paying for it at major retailers, and get a free ARC from me instead! No spam, just free copies of new releases in exchange for your honest reviews at major retailer outfits. … Continue reading Omigosh y’all, IT’S HERE!



Before I get into what this post is actually about, I need your honest opinion. This picture is what I was going to use as the background for my dystopian dark age steampunk (yes, I went there) novel, The Ogress Son. SO strongly feels that it looks too "concentration camp" like, which doesn't exactly fit … Continue reading Stability

Book Trailer: The Egyptian Elixir

For lovers of clean historical vampire fiction! Reviewers say: "The writing is excellent, and I'm looking forward to reading more about Grissom." "The Egyptian Elixir is a rollicking good time, filled with snappy dialog, bone-crunching action, and a swift moving plot." " I was unable to put it down." Find it on

FREE Paranormal Book for Beta Readers – only 2 left!

So here's an indie author's life: I planned on releasing The Egyptian Elixir (that would be book 2 in The Unofficial Chronicles series, for the uninitiated) at the end of January, but after reading the fantastic recommendations of Mark Coker of Smashwords fame, I've decided to release it in March <groan> I know, I know. … Continue reading FREE Paranormal Book for Beta Readers – only 2 left!