Where to Find Me These Days

Have you ever heard of BasedCon? Yeah. It’s a thing. And I am so jealous of everyone going. I checked out their guest list. I want to hang with these people and get my nerd on. Seriously. Gah. They have a guest speaker who is not only an engineer and a survivability risk assessor (who has worked for the US gov nuclear bunker stuff or something), he’s also a martial arts teacher. I mean, can you get more prep ready than that?

I mean, I’m not going, but I wish I was!! And I so want to go next year.

In the meantime, I’m working on getting Privateer out on Quanta, my new conservative sff publishing house. It’s currently available in serialized form on my substack, but that will be coming down soon as I work it for publication (get it now while you can).

I’m already storyboarding for book 2 while I edit book 1. I might decide to try publishing a spin off series in the same world, but through a conventional publisher like Baen. I guess it depends on book length and whether they go for it. I also have a super fun swashbuckling space adventure I want to write.

My plan was to resurrect this blog through regular writing, but I’ve been working my social media on Gab (@pagezaplendam) and writing the book instead. I’m hoping that downloading the app on my phone will incentivize me to start blogging more regularly.

Finally, I have a book sale going on for my vampire book and my dystopian steampunk novel. $.99 each:

So many things to write! So little time!

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