Substack and Stuff

So, if you missed it, I’ve started using Substack extensively for all of my writing (not for the blogging stuff). I dropped my entire first book in my new psyborg series chapter by chapter on substack (if you missed it and you’d like to be a beta reader so you can get first crack at it, leave me a comment!)

I love substack because it builds my email list for me and allows readers access to my work right in their inbox instead of having to go track it down.

That being said, once Book 1 (Augmented) entered editing phase, I took it off of substack and now I’ve been posting excerpts from book 2 (The Quick and the Dead), that I’ve been zipping through doing Nanowrimo.

Because yeah, I am actually able to go in on that crazy because for the first two weeks of November I was laid up after I sprained my ankle.

I have 27,000 words of 50k! I am so stoked about how it’s coming together while I also edit book 1 and work on setting up my new publishing imprint, Quanta Publishing.

I have several groups on Gab, one for ra ra cheerleading writing sprints, and the other for book publishing stuff.

Anywho, the salient point is that I’m back, I’m working hard and I have one book in pre-publication and another in progress! Come find me on Gab or check out my substack! Check out my corny temporary cover for The Quick and the Dead below. It’s way too cutesy, isn’t it?


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