How not to query (for new writers)

Are you aware of my journey to hybrid-dom? No? Well, let me tell you, it involves being both an indie published author, with all of the crazy DIY stuff that involves and it also means I'm aiming to get traditionally published by a publishing house. Most publishing houses don't accept unsolicited manuscripts though (for those … Continue reading How not to query (for new writers)

New Review Policies on Amazon

When you're a debut indie author like myself, you celebrate the little, mini victories, like getting that 9th review on Amazon (See down yonder at the bottom of this post), but recently there has been a lot bruhaha in the indie world revolving around Amazon' hard line policies with regard to reviews provided in exchange … Continue reading New Review Policies on Amazon

The Human Soul in Science Fiction and Fantasy

Hard science. Soft science. Speculative fic. Steampunk fic. Fantasy. Cyberpunk fic. There are more than enough genres to go around when it comes to fiction that starts imagining new worlds. But a common thread runs through them all. Humanity. Even in the event that aliens are involved, or dragons, or zombies, there is nevertheless a … Continue reading The Human Soul in Science Fiction and Fantasy