What now?

That’s the question every self-published author asks themselves once they’ve published…. and no one knows they’ve published beyond their minuscule circle of friends. Or relatively few people know about it anyway.

This is exactly why people attach themselves to publishing houses and break out in hives trying to find an agent, why those of a particularly fastidious temperament will spend an entire month researching all the various, best possible ways to launch their book with the greatest impact.

Did I do that? No, of course not. Because I, like most sanguines who want to shout their accomplishments from the roof tops (and then wonder that no one is amazed as we are), couldn’t possibly be *that* patient. Not when I’ve been working on this baby through multiple edits, bled with it, cried with it. All but chucked it against the wall in frustration at times.

So I am doing the ‘What now?’ This results in doing things like rereading Mark Coker’s free book on marketing, looking up what an FB launch party is, and researching marketing techniques that will catapult my book to number one (okay, so maybe that’s a teensy, weensy bit unlikely).

More than anything, the “what now?” question results in people like me (that would be the look before you leap type) chewing back curses because we didn’t plan ahead as much as we should have. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t not plan at all. I bought (and read) both Mark Coker’s books… a year before I published. What I didn’t do was reread them in preparation for my launch.

And now that you know way TMI about what not to do when you publish your debut novel, here’s an awesome graphic inspired by Order of the Blood. Consider this me, shouting from the rooftops. 🙂

Untitled design (2)



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