Five stars out of the gate

Woot!Woot! I received my first review on Order of the Blood! And yes, it was five stars. The reviewer’s first remark to me, in a personal message, included, ‘Please tell me there is a sequel.’ Could there be sweeter words to a writer’s ear, er, sight? Granted, maybe she’s just a really nice person, but I’m thinking, the review was so well written, she had to have been objective… because there’s an obvious correlation between objectivity and good writing. Am-I-right? lol O.o

Of course, she could be both a really nice person and objective. Sounds like the kind of person who you want to follow, right? If so, check out Leslie Sholly’s of Life in Every Limb. She was kind enough to interview me on the book. If you’re interested in what inspired me and getting to know more about the why’s and wherefore’s, as well as a smidgeon about what’s in store for book 2, I invite you to check it out!

And I am proverbially biting my nails here. I just sent off my submission for the Horror Writer’s Association Award for First Novel of 2015. It’s always such a nerve wracking moment when I send my work places where people are going to be making judgment calls on it. I was all but nauseous when I hit publish on kdp, and I triple checked the submission before I submitted to HWA.

So I’m begging you kindly, if you happened to read the book, please leave me an honest review on, Smashwords, and/or Goodreads. Reviews and shares are of paramount importance to getting the word out about a book (and I hope I am not deluded when I say this one merits such word.) Without readership support our writerly muse would surely shrivel up and die! (and by that I mean, I will probably sit around with a very deep frown, at least for a little bit.LOL) TIA

I plan on a late book party on FB sometime in January, after the craziness of holidays and visiting family has slowed down. Hope you’ll join me then!


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