New Cover Reveal and Kindle Free Period

So in all the craziness (and oh yeah, it's crazy) of preparing for my new cover reveal, kindle free period, and subsequent bookblast,  I completely forgot to post about it on my site! (John Grissom is shaking his head at me.) I decided to do a new cover for the sake of readability. It turned … Continue reading New Cover Reveal and Kindle Free Period


Van Helsing reimagined

I was trying to think how to describe my Van Helsing Sr. character (the grandfather of the original Van Helsing from Bram Stoker's Dracula). He's a Prussian ex-patriate who has left the fatherland due to Napoleon taking over Europe. He was originally employed by the Prussian government to hunt vampires and investigate paranormal activity, but … Continue reading Van Helsing reimagined

Book Release

Aaaaagh!!! I am so excited!!! Almost one year later, the vampire regency novel I've worked so hard on is done! It's been through multiple edits, a beta reading session and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Click the pic to be taken to the Amazon link. It's available for a sum total of $.99 during … Continue reading Book Release