Book Release

Aaaaagh!!! I am so excited!!! Almost one year later, the vampire regency novel I’ve worked so hard on is done! It’s been through multiple edits, a beta reading session and is now available for pre-order on Amazon. Click the pic to be taken to the Amazon link. It’s available for a sum total of $.99 during the pre-order period, so get yours now!

When a vampire’s abilities and defects never fully develop, taking on the head of England’s biggest vampire sect could be a bad idea.

Ever since he was turned, John Grissom, bacteriologist, has worked to find a cure for the disease. A powerful peer of the realm approaches him about research into the immunological properties of vampire blood, but Grissom discovers a far more gruesome scheme at play. He, his newly acquired assistant Henrietta, and the Prussian Van Helsing, a veteran vampire hunter in the employ of the Foreign Service, must seek out the elusive vampire lord before he succeeds in dramatically influencing the outcome of the war.

Cover - crte version 4 correct bleed resolution

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