Book Tour Day 1

The Egyptian Elixir is featured over on Killarney Traynor's blog,Wanderings , where she gives a glowing review! ¬†Have you seen the youtube trailer for it yet? It's pretty epic. ūüôā And Bk 1 in The Unofficial Chronicles, a full length novel titled Order of the Blood, ¬†is FREE right now, so now is the time … Continue reading Book Tour Day 1

How not to query (for new writers)

Are you aware of my journey to hybrid-dom? No? Well, let me tell you, it involves being both an indie published author, with all of the crazy DIY stuff that involves and it also means I'm aiming to get traditionally published by a publishing house. Most publishing houses don't accept unsolicited manuscripts though (for those … Continue reading How not to query (for new writers)