New Review Policies on Amazon

When you’re a debut indie author like myself, you celebrate the little, mini victories, like getting that 9th review on Amazon (See down yonder at the bottom of this post), but recently there has been a lot bruhaha in the indie world revolving around Amazon’ hard line policies with regard to reviews provided in exchange for books.
I, along with many other, just about spazzed out at the news that some authors had hundreds (yes, you read that right, HUNDREDS) of their reviews removed because Amazon decided they weren’t authentic or they represented a review in exchange for a product, so it was essentially an exchange of goods without Amazon profiting monetarily.
And worse, some reviewers have received letters from Amazon, along with a complementary boot out the door because they’ve (apparently) broken Amazon’s rules on reviewing.
So needless to say, many of us indies are trying to figure out how we need to request reviewers to say they received the book for free (as they are obliged to by some law from somewhere or else big fat fines), and still make the cut on Amazon’s policies.
We know ARCs are still allowed. I can’t imagine they’ll be taking reviews away from any of the Big 5 published authors who have the massive book launch engines. But, we still don’t have a protocol in place.

Considering that so many of my reviews are not, uh, I guess we might say, “organic” and are from reviewers that I have given away books to, I fear that I am at risk of having several of my (oh so terribly important for continued trajectory) reviews taken away. And the thought of that is so terrifying it makes me a little nauseous.

We’ll see how it goes. So far, I’m golden (except for wanting more organic reviews :P).

To fellow indies and also to reviewers, I welcome your comments below. What’s been your experience with this so far?

Read the latest review of Order of the Blood below. It really makes an author’s day to hear that someone enjoyed reading their work. That sounds so unenthusiastic, but really, if you could see me inside, I’m happy like a Lisa Frank painting of a sparkly unicorn going over the rainbow. (Don’t even tell me you’ve never heard of Lisa Frank!)
on October 11, 2016

I received a copy of Order of the Blood: The Unofficial Chronicles of John Grissom in turn for an honest review. While reading the description of the Author’s writing tendencies I will admit I was hesitant, but thought I should branch out. Upon completion of this book I can honestly say I am very glad I did.

The book follows the adventures of a defected vampire in the year 1809. However, unlike most vampire novels this is not a suave devil may care character, but a God fearing, intelligent bacteriologist, who more than anything wants to find the cure to vampirism. The antagonist on the other hand is a man who is part of a group of believe becoming a vampire means you are gifted and they are by all means superior. With the help of a vampire hunter Gerhardt and his strong willed assistant Ms. Isherwood John is able to spoil the attempts of Mr. Waite who wishes to use vials of an unknown disease against the English army.

Page Zaplendam succeeded in writing a truly enticing novel. I enjoyed reading a book full of sarcastic wit, charm, and action. Most admirably for myself was all this was presented without sex. While that is some people’s cup of tea I enjoy nothing more than a book that can grip your attention without a couple smut scenes thrown in. The story flows smoothly with character’s that I really felt comfortable and able to relate too. I loved that Ms. Isherwood was a strong accomplished woman especially for her time period. I laughed a number of times at the witty banter that formed so easily between herself and John.

I look forward to continue reading this series. The author has done a truly great job of combining the historical and the paranormal. I highly recommend giving this book a read.

So what is this book she speaks of? Check out the book trailer below!

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