New Cover Reveal and Kindle Free Period

So in all the craziness (and oh yeah, it’s crazy) of preparing for my new cover reveal, kindle free period, and subsequent bookblast,  I completely forgot to post about it on my site! (John Grissom is shaking his head at me.)

I decided to do a new cover for the sake of readability. It turned out great, IMHO. To celebrate I decided to do an Amazon Kindle free period from Sept 19-Sept. 22. That’s right, folks only today and tomorrow left to get your own personal copy of Order of the Blood!   Please consider leaving my book a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Reviews help authors from getting lost in the amazon ether. Below the pic is the exciting new book blurb for the book.


Vampire John Grissom and Henrietta Isherwood are to the Bow Street Odd Crimes Division, what Mulder and Skully were to the FBI X-Files.

In this Regency Gothic suspense, a flawed vampire bacteriologist searches for a cure but stumbles upon a conspiracy against the Crown instead. Limited by his disabilities, yet determined nonetheless, the sleuthing newbie finds an unlikely ally in his attractive new human research assistant and the vampire-hunting Gerhardt Van Helsing.

Set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic War, the trio find themselves at odds with a powerful peer of the realm and his entourage of blood slaves. Questions of what it is to be human and what makes a monster are counterbalanced by vampiric humor – sardonic with a bit of bite. With its realistic portrayal of the inner turmoil of a vampire who retains his freewill, and its spunky heroine who unerringly rises to the occasion, Order of the Blood is a perfect read for those of modern sensibilities and a love of paranormal historical fiction.

“Reads like an episode of Penny Dreadful.” – William, Goodreads giveaway winner

“When the sequel comes out, I’m going to have to read it to see what is in store for this intriguing character Zapledam has created.” Laura Pearl, author of Erin’s Ring

” I was sorry to see the story end I can’t wait for sequels.” Leslie Sholly, blogger,

“I admire the way the author used a vampire story (without being repulsive) to tell an exciting tale with real substance, one that makes readers ponder moral truths and, in particular, to consider what really makes a monster.” Therese Heckencamp, author of Frozen Footprints



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