FREE Paranormal Book for Beta Readers – only 2 left!

So here’s an indie author’s life: I planned on releasing The Egyptian Elixir (that would be book 2 in The Unofficial Chronicles series, for the uninitiated) at the end of January, but after reading the fantastic recommendations of Mark Coker of Smashwords fame, I’ve decided to release it in March <groan> I know, I know. Why put it off?

First, it was supposed to be out late December (and then addition to the family made for an unintended writing hiatus), and then it was pushed to late January, early February. Why is it being pushed again? Because apparently, getting a book successfully released requires a 6-8 wk runway where I have a whole slew of items that I need to do marketing wise (if you are thinking about self-pubbing, not be discouraging, but it takes serious work!)

What does a “successful release” mean? It means that as an indie pubbed author, I’m setting myself up for more eyeballs on my book when it releases, which is hugely important to getting more reviews and getting the work out there that all my lovelies exist.


That being said, my beta reader proofs came in today!!! They are gorgeous, shiny, and ready to be sent tomorrow (Fri 1/12) at the earliest, but I only have 2 copies remaining! So if you’d like a FREE Regency vampire novella (angst and sparkle free), leave me a comment and contact me at pagezaplendam at gmail dot com.

Also, I’m looking to grow my email newsletter list which will give fans more opportunities for free fiction, weird facts, and news about upcoming new releases and opportunities to beta read or ARC review. If you’d like in on that, (come on, weird facts, who doesn’t want in on that?) just CLICK HERE.

The next time you hear from me, hopefully I will have a cover ready for the next release. It’s not part of the Unofficial Chronicles universe at all! I started it back in 2009 and have been trying to get it traditionally published (because doesn’t just the sound of being a “hybrid author” sound cool? I’ve never been a hybrid anything before! Totally tickles my scifi bone), but after reading this fisking session from Larry Correia (if nothing else, read it because it’s Larry Correia and he’s awesome), I decided to indie pub this one as well.

The title is ‘The Ogress’s Son: a steampunk dystopia in a new dark age.” Now, tell me that doesn’t intrigue you.

One thought on “FREE Paranormal Book for Beta Readers – only 2 left!

  1. My daughter and I would like to be beta readers for the new book. We thoroughly enjoyed the first book! We’re sending an email now! Thank you.


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