Omigosh y’all, IT’S HERE!

Excuse the belated posting, but The Ogress’ Son is finally available for purchase. If you’d like to do a review, you can bypass paying for it at major retailers, and get a free ARC from me instead! No spam, just free copies of new releases in exchange for your honest reviews at major retailer outfits.
Ogress Son Cover final

In a new Dark Age, steam power technology is ruthlessly controlled by a despotic king.

200 years ago: an apocalyptic level scientific overreach catastrophe reversed the poles, killed off 97% of the world’s population, and caused inheritable genetic anomalies in some of the few who survived.

Today: Those with flawed genes, the Unearthly, are pariahs, science and technology is regulated by a despotic king, lawlessness has given way to local fiefdoms, and a new dark age has arisen, explaining what were once scientific facts as legend, lore, and myth.

Now: Slade lives a quiet life in the Iron Wood, hunting alongside his mother and visiting the village only to trade goods. But when she’s assassinated, he goes out into the dreaded human world to find her killer. Human he might be, but as the son of the Ogress, he is unafraid of rebels, Syndicate crime lords, or ruthless nobles who would love nothing more than to see him dead.

Appeals to lovers of dystopian adventures, steampunk elements, sword fighting, and smatterings of romance.

About the Author:

Page Zaplendam is a southern writer with a wide range of fiction interests. As mama to a lot of littles, she doesn’t gets her books out there as often as she’d like, but it’s not for lack of having the need to craft, create, and share new stories with the world. Besides exciting dystopian adventure tales, she also writes about vampires, sweet romance, and sometimes sweet vampire romance. Find her at

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