Press Release: How this blog is changing

The Ogress’ Son is $.99 through the end of February, so grab it now!

Three years in, I am still learning so much as author. One tip I just picked up from Joanna Penn (of The Creative Penn, if you’re an indie, you probably have heard of her. If you are, and you haven’t you should google her. Quality stuff there) – anywho, a quick tip from Joanna Penn is to provide content for the fan base, because my readers just care about the stuff that pertains to my books and my fiction, not the process aspects of it. Duh, right? But when she explained it, I realized, that’s something I need to work on a lot more.

So I’m really going to try and bring the fun back into my blog because it’s been so long since I’ve been able to do much with it (this past year, I tell ya). Comment and let me know what you like and you don’t care for. I can’t improve as a blogger/author extraordinaire without feedback from you guys.

In this vein, one of the first things I wanted to do is write up my top five things I think should be in any dystopian novel. It was originally going to be one post, but I discovered I have a lot to say on the topic (I usually do, so bear with me.) Instead, I am going to break it up into a series of posts where I cover one ‘must have’ in each post. I love interaction and opinion, so please, share them with me in the comments. If you are at all into theory and explaining why stuff happens, plan on looking for that post in a few days. I think you’ll find it pretty provocative.

Ogress Son Cover final

I love dystopian fiction and I’m a survivalist, so it’s a genre that’s really right up my alley. I decided to write a dystopian novel because social theory, how society works, why it works, and why it doesn’t, is fascinating to me.


The Ogress’ Son released in early January. It’s what I’m calling an epic steampunk dystopian. Oh yeah, I went there. Steampunk. Dystopian. And it’s awesome. Epic, in fact. It’s fast┬ápaced, full of adventure, and was a ton of fun to write. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you can find it on Kindle and other retailers. I’ll be using a lot of examples from my book so if you haven’t read it yet, and this topic interests you, read it and come back. Let’s see how everything stacks up.

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