Fiction Hashtag List for Clean Romance (with Bonus free books!)

Clean Indie Read authors are giving away a bunch of clean romance novels to celebrate St. Valentine’s day. They range from Paranormal to Romantic comedy. If you love romance like I do, but live in fear of ending up with a smutty book, these are the types of authors for you! ‘Clean’ for these writers generally means no swearing, no sketchy scenes, and no gore. Please share with your friends!!

Now, onto some stuff for my writer friends (I plan on setting up a separate section in my blog for writers one of these days. It will cover marketing as well articles and shares on craft).

The following list of hashtags are ranked according to popularity using metrics provided by, current as of 2/11/18. The tags are caps specific, and show the most popularly used form of the tag. Because I did the search for the romance promo above, these are skewed toward clean romance. I figure authors can do some mixing and matching as appropriate for their novel. What do you think? Helpful?

  1. #love: 89.3
  2. #Free: 87.1
  3. #Kindle: 79.2
  4. #Romance: 77.7
  5. #books: 77.3
  6. #book: 76.4
  7. #fantasy: 74
  8. #Scifi: 71.9
  9. #amreading: 71.3
  10. #ValentinesDay: 70.8
  11. #CR4U: 66.2
  12. #freebook: 64.8
  13. #historical: 62.1
  14. #steampunk: 61.8
  15. #sciencefiction: 59.1
  16. #RomanticSuspense: 54.8
  17. #urbanfantasy: 57
  18. #paranormalromance: 53.6
  19. #TBRlist: 53.4
  20. #SFF: 53.8
  21. #sweetromance: 52
  22. #contemporaryromance: 48.6
  23. #RomanticComedy: 42
  24. #ChristianRomance: 39.6
  25. #cleanromance: 35.5
  26. #modernromance: 34

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