Why you should be on Goodreads (if you aren’t already)

Click on the pic to take you to the site

Are you a Goodreads user? If you aren’t, and you read, you should be. Because then you can get free books. Just like the two lucky winners of my most recent Goodreads giveaway. They received signed copies and a personal letter from protagonist John Grissom.

Truth be told, I am a horrible Goodreads user. But I know I need to use it more. I’ve always been one of those people who looks at anything new with a deeply mistrustful eye until I see that others have used it with success. That would include Google, texting, FB, Instagram, Pinterest, and Goodreads. That puts me behind the curve a lot in taking advantage of ways I can leverage myself. Stupid, right?

Turns out Goodreads is a pretty cool place for book nerds. There are tons of groups to join. There is almost every volume ever written on there. There are forums upon forums where like-minded readers can mingle and discuss. Even better, there are venues and access for authors to get in touch with readers and vice versa.

I’d say, ‘Goodreads! Where have you been all my life?!!’ But I already know. It’s not you, Goodreads, it’s me.

I plan on using it more.. If you have any questions about Order of the Blood, or any questions for Mr. Grissom, you can ask them here or on Goodreads. We’ll respond both places and odds are, both answer and question will circulate back to the other place.

Also, reminder for you all, I have a newsletter that will be coming out once I have enough subscribers to merit the work of writing one. Sign up for exclusive content (a serialized novella that falls in the Unofficial Chronicles world). I’ll also be putting out casting calls for beta readers on a different novel that I’ve been working on and keep you updated on special events and giveaways.


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