How to Restart Your Writing

I’ve been busy. We moved. Had a baby. Started a homestead. Got covid a few times. Had another baby. Got burned out.

Sometimes there’s only so much of you to go round and followed by covid madness, it was too much. I gave up. For real. I gave up my social media and figuratively, literally, and metaphorically hunkered down. I concentrated all my resources on my immediate circle of influence.

And now, now that the madness of 2020 and 2021 is gone, I can write again. Some how, in the midst of all the madness of war in Ukraine and outrageous gas prices, I am still hopeful.

I am still hoping my husband starts a business, that my vote still counts, that we can create a parallel economy and conservative authors can find their way to conservative readers. That someone will create a Hugo award that doesn’t preferentially cater to woke scifi.

I have a dream! And it starts with getting back to basics:

  1. Write. Every day. Even if it’s just one line while I’m bleary eyed and laying down in bed. It helps that I can dictate in my Office app right to my phone.
  2. Blog once a week. Because you believe in “if you build it they will come” – and by build I mean offer quality content that other (conservative) writers and readers can appreciate.
  3. Rebuild your social media. Since I’m no longer looking to cater to non-conservative readership (sadly, the days of neutrality have been forced out, so I will embrace the bifurcation of society), I will be catering to readers like me: strongly conservative patriots who want a clean, moral read with depth, humor, and a touch of sarcasm and romance. I don’t have the bandwidth to work multiple social media accounts [see point 4], so I’m working one, Gab (look for a review soon).
  4. Know your limitations: I have a lot, few of them self-imposed. If I stretch myself too thin, and place too much of a burden on myself to perform, very bad things happen. The key to progress, for me, is incremental daily changes.

So far I’ve completed three chapters and a prelude to a new space opera series. They are posted on Wattpad. I hope you’ll join me for the moving adventures of psyborg Ross McIntyre and friends.

2 thoughts on “How to Restart Your Writing

  1. Page, I’m so glad to see you’re back! I was thinking about your John Grissom novels yesterday and was inspired to check your blog this morning, just in time to see your new post. I hope your family is doing well and that everyone is now healthy. I’ll be checking out your new novel, and look forward to your future writings!


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