Small (BIG) Victories

Being an author is hard work, especially if you are self-published and a busy mom to boot. Not that I am complaining. But when it pays off and I start to see tangible rewards for all my work, when small victories start to happen (like ratings on Goodreads and making my first non-gas-money royalties) it is so encouraging. … Continue reading Small (BIG) Victories

Happy Thanksgiving

Among other things, today I am grateful I am not a vampire. In other news, my book launch will be coming up soon, just in time for lovers of Regency fiction, vampire fiction, and adventures to get a copy or share a copy for Christmas. So if you are looking for a free copy, join … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving

The origins of Van Helsing, Vampire Hunter

Abraham Van Helsing, the infamous vampire hunter of Dracula fame, has confused historians by his apparent German accent and Dutch origins. We read that he was a Dutch Catholic  possessed of reddish hair and blue eyes, with an insane wife and a son who died. In The Unofficial Chronicles, which deals with Abraham's fictional grandfather, Gerhardt, I've taken … Continue reading The origins of Van Helsing, Vampire Hunter